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  • larryb
  • 59 years old | West Haven, Connecticut

  • halinew19
  • 58 years old | Marlborough, Connecticut

  • siamesecat3

  • cats,dogs,horses we can talk about what is bothering your animal and how to correct it or improve on it. Your choice. I have 3 siamese cats 2 actually look like siamese the 3rd is Black,Brown,and white, this last one, one of my female's had a litter and I kept one out of 3 litters I call her Lil Bear cause when she was born she looked like a Lil Bear cub, all fluffy black with Brown tips on her fu... ...
  • 50 years old | Rural Area, Connecticut

  • kool379
  • Doberman Lover here
    Doberman Lover here If you love Dobermans then you're the one I'm looking for. ...
  • 52 years old | Meriden, Connecticut

  • musicalvegan14
  • 33 years old | Ridgefield, Connecticut

  • gamestri
  • 43 years old | Abington, Connecticut

  • tokeyo
  • 38 years old | Hartford, Connecticut

  • zorela
  • Pet Lover, New to the Area
    Pet Lover, New to the Area I am new to the northern CT area and am looking to make new friends. I am a Pet Lover and would like to meet someone with similar beliefs and interests. ...
  • 70 years old | Hartford, Connecticut

  • catsx8
  • I love cats!!
    I love cats!! I have EIGHT cats. All in good health, and eat alot. Three to four of them sleep with me. I know each one of their meows. They taugh me how to tell what certian types meows mean. One of them tells me its time to eat. Another one wants to be with me as much as possible. Another one thinks I'am its mother Then theres another one who wakes me up just to talk. He meows and meows util my... ...
  • 51 years old | Danbury, Connecticut

  • deemars
  • my mojoe
    my mojoe my pet is a lovable pit bull who loves children and loves to be cuddley he is sooooo cute too ...
  • 53 years old | Hartford, Connecticut

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